Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Chapter 15
Educational Games
Gyula Mester
University of Szeged, Hungary
Piroska Stanić Molcer
Subotica-Tech, Subotica, Serbia
Vlado Delić
University of Novi Sad, Serbia
The market favors the best-selling computer games regardless of their social and educational effects.
This chapter will discuss the present trends in educational games development, technologies related
to them as well as their features, through representative examples of games used for education with
respect to pedagogical, business, and social aspects. Benefits and limitations of introducing games in
education will be pointed out. Computer games for the disabled along with their pedagogical and social
effects will be presented. Recent research results on the implementation of video games in schools and
educational game evaluation will be presented in the chapter, based on the experience in the develop-
ment, implementation, and evaluation of several interactive e-learning educational exercises, as well
as in the development and validation of several innovative computer games for the visually impaired.
IT and they spend several hours daily in front of
computer screens. Most of them have Internet
connections at home and while studying, they
retrieve most of the information they need from
the Internet rather than from a library. Their per-
ception abilities are predominantly audio-visual,
they learn more easily from images than from text.
Their capability of multitasking in their activities
is outstanding, they can focus on multiple paral-
lel objects, and they are able to switch between
activities quickly. They seem to be impatient, as
they expect immediate answers to their questions.
Every child and the majority of adults enjoy play-
ing games. Games were used for the purpose of
education before computers entered everyday life,
but in view of the important role that computer
games have in the entertainment of young people
today, obtaining an advantage in education from
computer games became the focus of a number
of studies. Most young people are familiar with
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