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In-Depth Information
Figure 5. The most difficult topics of an introductory Physics course
motivational and affective actions to the learner's
needs. It is multimodal, since to communicate
the chosen actions, it modulates, integrates and
synchronizes game elements and features.
PlayPhysics ' game story is a space adventure,
where the learner is an astronaut, a lieutenant,
whose spaceship will navigate towards the space
station Athena. Athena is controlled by the super-
computer, VNUS-27-81. VNUS was infected with
a harmful virus and as a result it attacked Athena's
crew. The captain, Richard Foster, could not escape
from the space station Athena with all the crew.
Foster, as part of the story, is the learner's mentor.
NASA realizes that the lieutenant's spaceship is
at the point of being launched and proceeds to
contact him or her. NASA explains the situation
and asks for the lieutenant's help to rescue Foster
and recover control of Athena. To attain these
goals the learner has to apply his or her knowledge
of introductory Physics. An example of a game
dialogue in a cut-scene is shown in Figure 6. This
game dialogue takes place before the learner starts
to interact with the first challenge. This question
is related to the learner's confidence beliefs. A
positive, neutral or negative belief is inferred in
the form of a probability distribution.
Game Design
PlayPhysics is an emotional game-based learning
environment and an application of the Olympia
architecture. It is being developed for teaching
Physics at undergraduate level. An online re-
quirements analysis survey was conducted with
lecturers and students of Physics at Tecnológico
de Monterrey, Mexico City campus (3 lecturers
and 35 students) and Trinity College Dublin (1
lecturer and 18 students). The students were
enrolled on an introductory Physics course at
undergraduate level and their age is about 17
and 23. The objective was to indentify the most
challenging and meaningful topics in an introduc-
tory Physics course in order to create the game
challenges. In addition, the learners' preferred
methods for providing feedback and engagement
were analyzed. Therefore, PlayPhysics focuses on
covering Mechanics (specifically Newton's laws,
circular movement and movement of rigid bod-
ies), Vectors, Linear Momentum and Collisions,
as shown in Figure 5.
Case Study
The first challenge of PlayPhysics is to safely dock
the spaceship, Alpha Centauri, on the Athena space
station, which orbits around the sun between the
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