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into our game engine using a customized fbx
processor - see
for essential XNA works.
developed which is capable of handling huge
character sets as the ones found on East Asian
languages, such as Japanese and Korean - Figure
Presentation Needs
The developed GUI library supports almost
any language, provided that it does not use a
complex text layout system such as Thai, Hebrew
or Arabic. At this moment ITS PLC is available
in nine different languages that include West
Europe languages and some East Asian lan-
guages such as Korean.
Unfortunately, during the development process, it
was recognized that the XNA framework lacked
an efficient way to create user interface (UI) con-
trols. The solution was to develop a custom user
interface library especially designed for ITS PLC.
This includes the most common controls found
on any user interface toolbox: text box control,
button, label, panel, image, etc. All of them are
skinable making their appearance easily defined
through an XML file - Listing 3. The XML Content
Pipeline importer and processor had a major role
on this functionality.
One of the most challenging features to imple-
ment in the UI library was the ability to support
Unicode characters for the maximum number of
languages possible. A special Font processor was
Physics and Instrumentation Engines
ITS PLC Professional Edition also includes a
physics engine and an instrumentation engine
which is an original concept.
Newton physics engine was selected for the
project (The Newton physics engine software
and the related information is available online at At the time of the
development, it offered all the features required
Listing 3. A button skin described in XML
          <Asset Type=”RG.GUI.Pipeline.ButtonSkinDescription”> 
                    <DefaultRectangle>936 105 64 16</DefaultRectangle> 
                    <HotRectangle>936 151 64 16</HotRectangle> 
                    <ActiveRectangle>936 196 64 16</ActiveRectangle> 
Figure 5. User interface elements displayed in Korean
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