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Figure 6. Homemade joysticks with reusable
components of a mouse
Figure 7. Using a joystick for a disabled child
tion of elaborate ergonomic studies for the use of
handles rugs, panels or other device that can be
used in a videogame.
Identifying the necessities of the acquisition of
accessories such as handles rugs, panel or another
peripheral device that can be connected with the
computer adapted to the necessities of these people
opening an ample market for the acquisition of
these special accessories.
2. To understand the situation to face, due
to children with learning problems, or as
in the case of this project, for people with
disabilities. They are not a priority to take
care by the governments, where the role can
be fulfilled through the construction and
installation of CAM's
3. The possibility to develop an ad hoc meth-
odology that allows, by one hand to under-
stand the problem systemically, detect all
possible interactions, which facilitates the
development of the approach, and therefore
a good survey of requirements for software
4. Awakening creativity in CIT engineering
students, at the modular development of
the games and achieve the simulation of
environments that the teacher wanted to have
through visual materials or adapted objects.
5. To maintain the interest on participating, by
therapist teachers on the sessions, not just
to develop software, but to furthermore to
have a real interactive game for children
with psychomotor disabilities.
6. To participate students who developed the
PC Game RACEM, in the process by which
The project development and its completion
through the PC game RACEM, has let us estab-
lish several important points for development of
future work.
1. The CIT's as a crosscutting tool for support
in all activities of the human being, forces us,
as such, to develop multidisciplinary work.
CIT's as an important factor to understand
the addressed problem. In the particular case
of this project, it was a challenge, to conform
a team with experts in the management of
children therapies with psychomotor prob-
lems, school management, students that still
are in the formative stages of engineering
and we as investigators.
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