Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Figure 3. Fly an airplane (laterality module)
Figure 4. Curve trajectory (module of graph
spray, in the manner of Paint Brush type his/her
name in different colors of his/her choice.
Curvilinear trajectory: The child with the help
of the mouse should follow a selected line; this
line is part of a mountain, a stream, a road, fol-
lowing the entire trajectory from start to finish
(see Figure 4). It has three levels of difficulty.
Symmetrical or geometric trace. The game
displays an image, which hides a geometric figure
highlighted with a red line, which should be fol-
lowed with the mouse. The user with the mouse
makes a yellow line on a strip (hidden) which has
an area of tolerance, if the child leave this strip,
a voice message will instructs the child to return
to the original path. It has three levels of diffi-
accidents, receiving voice commands. It has two
levels of difficulty.
Fruit Tree: The child will collect the fruits of
the trees, which need to be placed in different
baskets according to their type. The child is
prompted to choose a fruit from the tree; the fruit
must be driven with the mouse to place it in a
basket. The difficulty level is increased by having
three fruit trees and placing each fruit in its respec-
tive basket, if he/she made a mistake, an audio
message prompts to try again until get it right. It
has three levels of difficulty.
A very important factor is the music that ac-
companies each game, classical melodies were
chosen accordingly to studies conducted with
people with intellectual disabilities to improve
their focus and concentration.
Spatial Location Module (Park)
In this module, the child will develop the senses
of sight and touch (eye-hand coordination), which
provide spatial perceptions of size, shape, distance
and direction of objects.
Let us go travel
Images are presented to the child (bus, train
rides), which needs to be conducted by the right
way (road, railroad tracks), the paths have dif-
ferent distances and shapes. The child must meet
the objective to drive a bus on time, and without
Evaluation of the Game
in its Testing Phase
In the Multi Service Center No. 3 (public school
for special education) in Saltillo Coahuila Mexico,
two psychomotor therapy specialists evaluated
the game, the modules it contains, and each of
the activities. As a result of the assessment, we
found that the game could not only help children
with motor problems, but achieve supporting other
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