Game Development Reference
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Figure 1. Main menu of the game RACEM
Variable fine motor skills, laterality factor,
an indicator to identify the right and left so the
game should contain the image of an object that
the child will move with the mouse, either to left
or right according to an order issued by voice
measured by the number of attempts made in
the game, i.e. if 3 correct over 10, will produce a
30% of performance. With this metric it will be
known the achieved psychomotor performance
during the game usage.
Another specification of the same variable is
the spatial location, with the factor making strokes
on shapes. For this there is a picture of, let us say,
a plane, marked by a red oval, the child should
follow the contour of the red line with the mouse
pointer, that will be marking a yellow line on an
invisible surface, that is the tolerance range, which
indicates to the child by means of audio if he/she
has made a mistake.
Another specification of the same variable is
the factor of precise movements, with the indica-
tor follow trajectories. To do this is, a scenario is
shown, where a small train has to be driven by the
child using the mouse without leaving the tracks
to reach its destination, if the train goes out of the
road a voice warns the child.
Another specification of the same variable is
the graphical activity factor, with the indicator
writing. To do this, you must register your name
in the visitor's book of a museum by drawing it
with the mouse.
Now we have the Information Technology
variable that contains the multimedia factors with
the indicators audio, animation and interaction
with the user, with ease of use and user friendly
factors, these factors should have high level of
importance in the game. A database of images
is needed for the different games and difficulty
levels. It is need a set of audio files so that the
child can understand orders, listening and classical
melodies to improve attention and concentration
accordingly to the music therapy theory. (Wesecky,
et al. 2005; Whipple, 2004). For the help, audio
and text files will be used; they may contain the
instructions for each module or activity.
Another variable is the attitude with attention
and behavior factors, an increase of the curve for
attention and a positive trend must be achieved,
in the use of the game to have a good psychomo-
tor development in the child, this is a subjective
variable evaluated by the instructor.
General Description of
the Game RACEM
The game is an alternative tool for therapy for
children with coordination, balance and movement
problems. With the aim of having the child to
interact in a fun way with the PC game, by using
the mouse and audible commands, considering
child's physical and mental state in a simulated
environment as real as possible to everyday world.
It is also intended that the child has good control
of their upper limbs and adequate postures to
obtain balance and coordination responses closer
to normal without making exaggerated and / or
stereotyped movements.
The game is mainly based on the daily ac-
tivities performed by a child with motor dis-
abilities; these activities are performed in a
classroom with a teacher for special education.
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