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At this first level, you will be faced with a roll
of different characters and objects. The only thing
you have to do is to associate the various products
that appear onscreen to the most likely character
who owns it… It is very easy, but first…make
sure you know who is who!
(after clicking the enter button, the player is
shown a different screen where eight characters
will appear, e.g. four characters each side. If the
player clicks a character, a textual pop-up balloon
will show up, and the character will spoke that
same text, kind of zooming the character when-
ever the player clicks on him/her, but maintaining
the background with all characters in such a way
that the player can always go back and see the
descriptions of each character in an easy way,
whenever wanted. The information to appear is
as following).
Click on each character to know who it is
(Character 8) Hey mate! I'm Waz…I often go
to the beach, that's why I have this amaz-
ing suntan…I love the sea, the waves, the
shining sun…
Character Description. Johnny is a kid, about
7 years old, white skin and dark hair, kind of Beatle,
wearing shirts, tennis and baseball cap. Mary is a
50-year old woman, cook, fat, using a chef's hat.
Eric's about 40, nicely dressed with a suit, holding
an executive suitcase. Jessica is about 18 years
old, tall and skinny, mini-skirt and tight shirt, lots
of make-up in her face, and a long brilliant hair.
Anthony is an old man, white hair and wrinkles,
wearing an old-fashioned knit, curved back and
featuring a somewhat sad look in his face. Annie is
about 4 years old, still doesn't go to school, short
dress, funny hair, holds a doll to whom she cannot
be separated to. Inga is a nice-looking 30-year old
woman, white skin, blue eyes, blonde hair, wearing
a scarf and cozy jacket, hands in her pockets, has
a cold and is shaking, slightly curved. Finally, the
last character is Waz, a surfer-boy, blonde hair,
lots of tan, large white smile, wearing Bermudas-
shorts, t-shirt and beach sandals.
Associated objects : Johnny: skate and back-
pack, Mary: rolling pin and TV, Eric: tie and book,
Jessica: mini-skirt and lipstick, Anthony: glasses
and cane, Annie: teddy bear and lollipop, Inga:
warm gloves and rollerblades, Waz: surfboard,
When the game actually begins, the characters
are shown, and the objects start to appear one by
one. The game is to drag each object to the character
that the player believes is the correct “owner”.
For each correct association, the player receives
1 point. This value is accumulated and is shown
in the footer. The player only succeeds if he/her
obtains at least 10 points. If that happens, the
following message appears:
( Character 1 ) Hi, I'm Johnny! I am 7 years old
and I love going to school everyday. But I
get even more excited when I come back
home to ride my skate!
(Character 2) Hello, my name is Maria! Pleased
to meet you! I'm a cooker and I have lots of
fun making pizzas! When I'm not cooking,
I love to watch television.
(Character 3) I'm Eric. How do you do? I'm a
lawyer and I enjoy reading very much.
(Character 4) Hi there! I'm Jessica! I work in a
clothing store and I love to make-up.
(Character 5) My name is Anthony. I'm too old
to work…I can't walk as much as I used to
and my eyesight is getting worse…I can't
read anything anymore.
(Character 6) Hi! I'm Annie and you? I'm only
5 years old. I love playing with my toys.
(Character 7) My name is Inga. I live in a very
cold country. It snows all the time!! I wish
I lived near to a beach and could catch a
suntan everyday.
Well done! You gathered enough points to move
to the next level!
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