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suppliers. For example, in the case of the car
factory, the price of some pieces will increase
terribly…What can the player do?
The learning objective at this level is to dem-
onstrate the importance of the bargaining power
of suppliers while developing a business.
Variables in footer: time , points , money spent ,
money earned , bank balance
Level 8: I was wishing for something else…
The needs/expectations of the consumers have
changed and the player must make the necessary
alterations in his business in order to meet these
Variables in footer: time , points , money spent ,
money earned , bank balance
Level 9: Competition. At this level, the com-
petition increases… New organizations start to
emerge, which are direct competitors…to worsen
the situation there is also an increase on the number
of substitute products.
The player must be able to identify situations
where the threat of substitutes and rivalry in the
industry increases and choose the scenario where
his/her organization will have better chances to
The learning objective is to demonstrate the
importance of being aware of the threats of direct
competitors and substitute products for the survival
of the business.
Variables in footer: time , points , money spent ,
money earned , bank balance
Level 10: Let's make a trip! The big finale!
The business has been a success and now the player
has the opportunity to diversify it in geographic
terms. But, how can he do it? Where to go?
Several scenarios and advice will be given
and the player must use his incredible manage-
ment abilities to internationalize his business in
the best possible manner... It will be a difficult
task but we know that he will make it...trying is
all that matters!
The learning objective of this level is to show
children, in very simple and captivating way, the
most basic concepts of internationalization of a
If he can gather a number of points (directly
linked to his bank balance), the player will be
able to register his company in a national ranking
online. He will also have access to a customized
report on the decisions taken during the simulation,
as well as a range of information on entrepreneur-
ship, business plans and many other details that
might complement his learning!
Variables in footer: time , points , money spent ,
money earned , bank balance
In conclusion, the game SimCompany was co-
designed by a team composed of programmers,
game designers, scriptwriters, business managers
and teachers, as well as HCI and Entrepreneurship
researchers. The final product is a set of levels
each with its own learning goals, and therefore
with its own game variables (points, money spent,
etc.). By putting the player in the central role of a
business manager, the game succeeds at conveying
the learning issues in a “do-it yourself” manner. In
the following section we will illustrate the game
a bit more, by presenting one of its scripts.
Sample Script
In order to provide a better understanding of the
game design approach, it is useful to analyze a
sample script and see how the business manage-
ment concepts and learning objectives were
converted into “game-like shape”. For brevity
purposes we will transcribe a sample script for
only one of the game's levels - the other game
level's scripts were written in a similar way - and
provide a brief discussion afterwards:
Level 1 - Knowing the
Consumer - Part 1
the 2 nd screen should show the following text:
Hi ( player's name )!
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