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Level 3: Knowing the consumer - Part 3.
At level 3, the consumer's needs change and the
player must figure out the best way to deal with
these changes. He will have to define the product's
characteristics that meet the consumer's needs and
set prices. Advice will be given to the player so
that he can change the course of business in light
of new information…
Depending on the decisions the player makes,
he will be able to gather a number of points which
may or may not ensure his transition to the next
The learning objective, once again, is to dem-
onstrate that the knowledge of the consumer is
essential to anticipate and respond to changes in
its needs/expectations. One must always be alert!
Variables in footer: points , money spent , money
Level 4: Promoting the business. At this
level, the difficulty is significantly increased as
the player heard that only a few people know his
clothing store and its products…How sad! What
to do?! The player will find himself with several
scenarios where he will have to make the best
possible decisions regarding the promotion of
the business…
The learning objective at this level is to dem-
onstrate the importance of promoting a business
(marketing communications). Will the player be a
marketer good enough to move on to the next level?
Variables in footer: points , money spent , money
earned , bank balance
Level 5: Logos and slogans. The clothing
store has been a success and now our player has
the opportunity to establish a company that suits
him. But, before that, the player will have to guess
which type of organization (supermarket, hotel,
florist's etc.) matches each logo and slogan that
appear onscreen. After completing the exercise,
and before knowing the results, three of the various
logos shown will emerge and the player will have
to choose one. The logo he chooses will match
the organization the player will have to run for
the next levels!
The learning objective is to show, following
the previous level, the importance of logos and
slogans for the identification of products/services,
for the description of values and characteristics
of an organization and for its distinction when
compared to others.
The number of right associations: logo-slogan-
type of organization will define the number of
accrued points in this level. Again, depending on
that number, the player might move to the next
level or not.
Variables in footer: points
Level 6: Foundation. From this level onwards,
the player will be the founder and manager of one
of the following organizations:
Car factory
The player can now choose one of two hosts:
Anna or Jack to guide him all through the rest of
the game.
The player receives information on the niche
markets that must be addressed (type and number
of potential customers, their needs and expecta-
tions, etc.) and an initial amount of money (budget)
with which he will be able to start his business.
Again, the player will have to make the right
decisions (eg.: if the player chooses to have a
swimming pool, he will have to designate an ap-
propriate employee to take care of its maintenance)
and not exceed the amount of money available to
spend…or the game will end!
The objective of this level is for the player
to understand how to deal with the business op-
portunities that appear, selecting and managing
all resources (human, physical, financial, etc.)
the best way possible during the implementation
phase of the business.
Variables in footer: time , budget
Level 7: Suppliers. At this level, the player
will have to deal with changes in the industrial
environment where his organization falls. More
specifically, the player will have to deal with the
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