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Figure 2. Overall aspect of the “SimCompany” game, Level 1
scribed, illustrated and reinforced in a fun, easy
and engaging way.
The goal of the game is to reach the last
level and complete it with the greatest amount
of points accumulated and before time expires.
As an example, we provide a brief description of
three levels of this game, taken from the game's
script, which was outlined through a human-work
design approach.
Level 1: Getting to know the consumer. At
the first level, the young player will be faced with
a roll of different people (consumers). Based on
the description of these characters (age, sex, social
class, profession, interests, etc.), the player will
have to associate the various products that appear
onscreen (e.g. skateboards, neckties, candies, etc.)
to the most likely consumer. Figure 2 illustrates
this level's user interface.
The learning objective is to show the player
that there are various factors (demographic, geo-
graphic, personal tastes, lifestyle, etc.) that deter-
mine the choices of consumption, the ways that
each person chooses to spend time and money
and that should be taken into account when at-
tempting to open the right business. To move to
the next level, the player must accumulate a
minimum number of points directly related to the
number of correct associations made between
Variables in footer: points
Level 2: Knowing the consumer - Part 2.
At the second level, the player is asked to man-
age a clothing store. At this level, the player, as
the manager of the clothing store, must meet (as
best as possible) the requests of two very different
customers that enter the store simultaneously!...
He will be given a brief description of each client
and, based on that information, the player must
choose which customer to address first, and the
best way to make that approach. At the end, the
decisions taken by the player will be evaluated
and scored (points). The score will define if the
player is able, or not, to move to the next level.
Variables in footer: points
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