Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Chapter 9
A Multi-Disciplinary Approach
to Designing Business
Management Games
Pedro Campos
University of Madeira & INESC ID Lisbon, Portugal
Computer games have become an important part of the new digital economy, employing thousands of
Information Technology professionals worldwide. Their role as a novel approach to reduce the distance
between students and knowledge is also well documented. In this chapter, we will describe a multi-disci-
plinary approach to designing a particular class of educational games: business management games. We
argue that through a better understanding of the relationship between work-domain based decisions and
processes, professional game designers can achieve effective results. The design approach was based on
intensive collaboration and co-design meetings with business management researchers and professors.
The result was a game called “SimCompany”, aimed at teaching children about business management
concepts, thus promoting an entrepreneurship culture in classroom settings. “SimCompany” proved ef-
fective as a teaching tool about business management concepts, and initial evaluation showed a positive
increase in students' rate of learning, when compared to traditional teaching methods.
changed radically and today's students are no
longer the people our educational system was
designed to teach. Today's students represent the
first generation to grow up with the new digital
technology, having spent their entire lives sur-
rounded by and using computers, videogames,
The power of games as learning instruments
has become unquestionable. Our students have
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