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Table 3. Mean and standard deviation calculated for the survey concerning problem resolution
Standard Deviation
One must divide a goal into various tasks in order to achieve it.
The game promotes different problem solving strategies to attain a goal.
Achieving a goal is easier when there is a direct link between game rules
and goals.
Game situations help players rethink their knowledge in order to find ways
of achieving a goal.
Multiplayer games allow players to evaluate the consequences of their ac-
tions when selecting one option among many.
Solving problems in this game context has enabled me to do just this in an
academic or professional setting.
more than 49% of Ikariam players totally agreed
with the affirmation. This difference can possibly
be explained by the fact that for Ikariam, goals are
defined in minor detail compared to other games.
The majority of players partially or totally agree
with item 15 which inquired about their thoughts
on whether or not games demonstrated different
ways of achieving a goal. One can contest that
even though games do not possess a pre-defined
goal, players are aware that whatever attitude they
adopt within the game results in a point increase
regardless of the item that is being measured.
Gladiatus and Metin2 contain a mission system
composed by items quest (Figure 9) that must be
performed by the player. These missions possess
one single path. Perhaps, it is for this reason that
players divided themselves amongst “I neither
agree nor disagree” and “I totally agree” on this
The bulk of players partially or totally agrees
with the fact that it is easier to perform a task
when one is able define the limitations posed by
game rules (item 10).
Players also agree, partially or totally, that
the game situation allows them to rethink their
knowledge when faced with a new situation
(item 3). However, in Gladiatus and Metin2, a
large portion of players partially agrees with this
affirmation. This may be due to a lower level of
game complexity when compared to Ikariam and
The majority of players are in partial or total
agreement when it comes to item 7 which inquired
about whether or not they believed games helped
them identify the different courses possible when
it comes to achieving a goal. The results vary:
OGame 56%, Metin2 57%, Gladiatus 61% and
Ikariam 67%.
Players responded differently to item 11 be-
cause they adopted a neutral stance with regards
to the question at hand. This item tried to verify
whether or not players were able to use problem
solving skills acquired in the game environment
academically or professionally (Table 4). More-
over, 36% of the players disagreed partially or
totally with this idea registering 42% for OGame.
For this reason, we can say that players have dif-
Figure 9. Gladiatus mission book
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