Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
the four analyzed games. In order to spread the
survey in one single topic in the official forums,
contact was established with the forum moderators.
For the games Ikariam and Gladiatus, the re-
spective moderators, Anfira and Devil_Woman_20
suggested we contact the Portuguese Community
Manager (CoMa), which is directly linked to the
company responsible for the game. The contact
was established, and for some months the CoMa
showed some interest regarding the subject, but
after sending the final version of the survey, the
communication ceased.
For OGame, the moderator Nudge authorized
the realization of this study since it was conducted
using only the private message system (MP), and
not in an open topic as initially planned. In Metin2,
none of the forum moderators responded to our
contact efforts.
Those game forums have a section for top-
ics unrelated to the game (off-topic messages),
we chose to use that space as an initial way of
announcing the survey. The MP system was also
used for this same effect for OGame. The forums
were chosen in an attempt to reach a larger num-
ber of players, because even if the participation
of players in this environment is not mandatory,
the MMOG is a type of game that requires, or
at least brings benefits to those using player's
interaction (Beedle and Wright, 2007; Galarneau
& Melaine, 2006; Johnson, 2006). In this case,
it was assumed that all active players have some
form of participating in the forums.
The survey concerning the four games studied
was conducted online.
important to note that these are players have an
intermediate experience level in online gaming
being as 56% have played from 1 to 4 years.
The Survey Questionnaire
The objective of the survey is to verify if the
MMOG players understand the cognitive changes
provoked by the games and if they recognize
whether or not this has an effect in their profes-
sional or academic lives. In particular, the survey
focuses on:
a. Communication and Interaction skills;
b. Problem solving skills;
c. Motivation to perform tasks.
The questionnaire is an instrument that is quick
and easy to complete therefore, respondents did
not lose concentration nor interest in completing
the task. For this reason, we expected that a larger
number of subjects completed the questionnaire.
The instrument is divided into four sections:
Section I: Characterization of the Player
The objective of this section is to determine who
the player is. Questions aimed to identify the age,
gender, and academic studies of the player.
Section II: Internet Access
and Game Habits
This section is intended to determine the familiarity
of the player with the web and the game environ-
ment. Questions were asked about the frequency
of Internet access as well as game access, more
specifically, how long the player plays online and
what the player does online.
Sample Characterization
A total of 321 responses were obtained: 107 for
Ikariam, 55 for OGame, 56 for Gladiatus, and
finally, 103 for Metin2. All games possess a
public that is mainly composed of males (89%).
Furthermore, 66% of this total is below the age
of 19 and 72% is below 12. The majority of those
surveyed use the Internet frequently spending
over 20 hours online per week (42%). It is also
Section III: Learning Perception
For the third section, a Likert scale with five points
was used where 1 indicated “I totally disagree”,
2 indicated “I partially disagree”, 3 was used
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