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Figure 8. The guild “The Forza” declares war
on the clan “VENOM7”
In the option “others” one can come across
advantages offered to the guilds of each game.
These advantages are used in Ikariam and OGame
in order to control specific guild duties. In Gladi-
atus and Metin2, they allow the player to settle in
by creating a specific location for the guild where
members can meet and build edifices useful to
them (Figure 7). This space can be developed with
the use of resources donated by group members.
Even though these advantages are made avail-
able, Gladiatus players do not need groups in
order to carry out any action within the game. The
guild is essentially used as an informal player
protection force that can be advantageous to play-
ers in some ways.
A group of players can support specific activi-
ties in the other games such as:
Facilitate the communication between
players : Using the communicative tools made
available by the game, one can contact all guild
members in an attempt to exchange informal
messages, requests for help, or resources that
players may need.
Momentary Cooperation : one can cooperate
by requesting the aid of a guild member. Usually
the request involves attacking a stronger adversary
or soliciting defense:
Wars between Groups: This is a possibility
featured in Ikariam and Metin2. Guild leaders
or another person designated by the leader can
declare war on clans. In this case, all members
ought to prepare for attacks and imminent defense
mechanisms. In Metin2 these wars are declared
publically within the game environment (Figure 8).
Product Exchange : Players announce they
are in need of a specific product in the hopes that
someone will offer it.
Hence, the advantages of a guild are recog-
nized by all players regardless of the adopted
game strategy.
Guys, I need you!!!!
A questionnaire was developed in order to estimate
whether or not players understood the cognitive
changes provoked by games and if they recog-
nized whether or not this caused a useful reflex
in their professional or academic lives. The data
collection instrument contains three dimensions:
problem solving within games, motivation towards
tasks and communication and online interaction
during games. A Likert scale with five points was
used where 1 indicated “I totally disagree” and 5
indicated “I totally agree”. This instrument took
the investigation of Beedle & Wright (2007) into
consideration maintaining the same goal. This
study incorporated individuals who play all of
Send me troops so that I can defend myself in the
City of War I because
I was attacked and they took everything I had!!!
Help me and I´ll help you if you are ever in the
same situation…
(felipe_mtx 10 )
Permanent Cooperation : Ikariam is the only
game that allows the signing of treaties between
players. These can be of a cultural, commercial
or military nature.
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