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Figure 5. Maximum values of Metin2 weapons
(adapted from the Portuguese FAQs 8 )
ment therefore the player must be able to
establish a relationship between possible
investigations as well as military units and
buildings that can be constructed during
one's evolution strategy. As the player
evolves within the game, the links established
by the tech tree increase game complexity
thus demanding a greater effort.
The main scope of games such as Gladiatus
and Metin2 are battles. A victory can be ensured
by using items that strengthen their avatar creat-
ing a non-linear elevation of the difficulty level.
These wars can be performed between all players
regardless of their level. Furthermore, upon reach-
ing the twelfth level of Gladiatus, the dungeons
are opened. Here, one will encounter adversaries
of advanced levels. This may cause the player to
forget the new challenge until more points and
abilities have been acquired, part start using not
allowed strategies, or quit the game.
While playing Metin2, players may find
opponents that are much stronger at any given
moment. This may cause the player to waste
time and resources unsuccessfully thus causing a
motivational decrease. On the other hand, facing
weaker enemies does not favor the player in any
manner because experience can only be gained by
facing players of the same or higher level.
Players of the four games mentioned employ
the official forums in order to share tips on suc-
cessful strategies.
menclatures that define one of the possible
tactics adopted by players. These paths are
numbered in manuals such as the “OGame
b. The link between tasks. Three of the four
games discussed possess a link between the
proposed tasks. Gladiatus is the exception.
Players must use what they have learned
previously to solve the problems at hand.
In Metin2 the player must be able to con-
template the variables such as who is the
“preferential enemy,” the ideal character,
and how to choose a weapon being as they
each possess advantages and disadvantages
as can be seen in Figure 5.
In other instances, the employment of tech-
niques learned previously is reflected in the mo-
ment of combat. In these games, players tend to
use multiple hit sequences which have proven to
be efficient in the past. These techniques are also
topic of discussion in the forum.
In OGame and Ikariam this relationship ap-
pears to be stronger when the players are more
knowledgeable concerning the game's tech tree.
This understanding should reach far beyond sim-
ply knowing. The player must recognize the need
for investigating a specific piece of technology
as well as evaluating the necessities according to
the game strategy. As stated by the player “Djin”
under the topic “Research” 9 in OGame:
a. Order of Tasks. None of the games analyzed
present tasks in a sequential format. This
means that each player can evolve within the
game autonomously. This autonomy sparks
a greater cognitive effort leading the player
to organize existing tasks in order to easily
achieve objectives according to the adopted
strategy (Johnson 2006). The maturity of
OGame is responsible for the birth of no-
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