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Figure 4. Battle scene from Metin2
has established its maximum at level 120.
The other games can be played using an
Internet browser. These games incorporate
an equation system that guarantees infinite
player evolution. Regardless of this, the
need for new resources can be established
as a non official barrier for these games.
This limitation is recognized by players who
create official forum topics so that they can
exhibit their evolution records.
b. Subdivision of objectives. None of the
games demonstrate a subdivision of the main
goals. This favors the development of dif-
ferent strategies and evolution paths. These
techniques can be generalized in three ways:
(1) Offense or attack : players concentrate
on attacking other players; (2) Defense :
players concentrate on personal defense as
well as of their fellow companions in addi-
tion to the accumulation of resources; (3)
Commercial : players aim to gather riches
using the exchange of goods.
Metin2 6 : This game incorporates battles be-
tween tribes from a world dominated by medieval
oriental culture as well as magical elements. Here,
the player begins with an inexperienced character
that has limited abilities and will only evolve
after numerous battles defending territory from
other tribes. All this occurs with the impending
malignant influence of dark magic represented
by “Metin stones” (Figure 4). Of the four games
mentioned, this is the only game that limits the
player's evolution currently defined at level 99
in the portuguese version of the game.
Each of these strategies includes advantageous
and disadvantageous aspects which are studied
and commented on by players. These techniques
permitted the elaboration of several player clas-
sification systems:
Metin2: possesses a classification system
indicated by the player's current level which is
directly linked to the game status;
OGame: this particular classification system
is divided into three distinct items: Points; Fleet
and Research;
Ikariam: Players can be classified according
to 9 distinct items: Total score; Masonry Masters;
Construction levels, Scientists, Research levels,
Generals, Gold, Offense Points, Defense Points,
Commercial Score;
Gladiatus: this game contemplates six items:
Level; Honor; Fame; Victories; Feats and Gold.
Problems and Goals
The main similarity amongst the four games
mentioned above is that the main goal consists
in accumulating points or experience. For this
reason, the objectives presented by these MMOGs
are usually vague:
Can you turn it into a flourishing town and capital
of a mighty island empire? (Ikariam - Game Tour 7 )
a. The end of the game. Of the four games
analyzed, only Metin2 defines its final stage,
being it level 99 of experience. It is impor-
tant to note that this is the limit placed on
the Portuguese version. The Korean version
c. Degree of difficulty among levels. Ikariam
and OGame both focus on resource manage-
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