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Table 1. Selected games, number of players, forums, and number of daily messages
Number of Players
Daily messages 2
this interaction crucial for the accomplishment of
tasks and goals. Furthermore, some games are able
to create complex, dynamic social systems that
are present within the real social links between
players through versatile, flexible forms of inter-
action focusing on the content (Manninen, 2003).
the web browser. That game was selected because
it has as a highly immersive environment which
attracted the attention of a great number of players.
The selected games, as well as the number of daily
messages in each game, can be seen in Table 1.
The MMOG analysis guide contains four sec-
1 st Section: Identification. The purpose of
this section is to identify the general features
of the game. We considered the following
items: name, URL of the Game, Company,
System Requirements, Languages avail-
able and Type of Community as general
characteristics. In this section, we also
considered the Environment and the Game
History as reasons for attracting players.
For the item, Type of Community we ex-
pect to identify if the games have open
communities: where the players don´t
know each other and therefore use the
virtual environment created by the game
to meet each other, or if they have closed
communities: a restricted community of
players who know each other and can play
on the Internet or even offline.
Four MMOGs were analyzed with the aid of the
“MMOG Analysis Guide” specially designed for
this purpose. The aim of this analysis intends to de-
termine how the selected games increase problem
solving, the motivation to perform tasks, as well as
interaction and communication between players.
These three aspects are important because they
allow the identification of cognitive challenges
that players are subjected to as well as the need
for skills to solve them (Johnson, 2006).
The four MMOGs were selected based on an
Internet search, using search engines (Google
and Yahoo). The MMOGs should be available in
Portuguese for free and have at least one official
forum. We found hundreds of results, most of
them can be played for free, but it is possible to
obtain advantages using real money. Besides that,
most of the games were not in Portuguese. We
contacted players, forum members, and mail lists
in an effort to find games with a good acceptance
and a large number of players.
The selected games had the most active forums
and a large number of members. Between them,
Metin2 is the only one that cannot be played using
2 nd Section: Objectives. This section de-
scribes the way the objectives of the game
are organized and the degree of freedom
the player has to accomplish these objec-
tives through the following phases: Final
(pre-defined final, pre-defined final with
multiple paths or final not set), Subdivision
of the main objectives (Single Task, indi-
cated division or not indicated division)
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