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useful for the upcoming generations. This means
that the path travelled as a microscopic cell will
affect its skills as a creature or civilization. At
the end of each stage, a feedback is given to the
user on his/her performance, in the form of a
line of evolution of the creature, which shows its
context of evolution. As the player reaches goals
and milestones in one phase and accumulates
DNA points, the progress bar fills up, and when
it becomes full, the user can choose to move to
the next stage.
At the Cell Phase, the player begins the journey
of a life as a unicellular being and goes through
several evolutionary phases, in a residual pool
until it grows to the point it reaches earth. In order
to achieve that, it has to eat plants and other cells
to obtain DNA and make the cell grow.
At the Creature Phase the cell evolves and
changes into a creature, leaving the aquatic envi-
ronment to install itself at the beach, together with
the other earthly species of the planet. As it ex-
plores the world, it will find a wide variety of
other species, some friendly and other more bel-
licose. It needs to develop its social skills, to make
new friends, and the battle skills to handle its
enemies. Along this path, it will win DNA points,
which the player can use to make his/her creature
evolve, gain intelligence and complete the journey
to become an intelligent creature and move forward
to the Tribal Phase.
By advancing to the Tribal Phase, the creature
joins a species that dominates fire and has already
formed a tribe. But other tribes will come up and
they will all fight in order to rule the planet. With
the newly conquered intelligence, the creatures
from your tribe can start building and using tools
that can help collecting more food to support a
much larger population and expanding the tribe's
influence through the interaction with other tribes.
This interaction can be accomplished through a
battle or in a friendly way, with chants and dances
and food offerings.
At the Civilization Phase the player starts with
a city, from which he/she will start conquering
the world. Before entering the Civilization Phase,
the user can choose the type of power he/she wants
Figure 2. The Spore main menu
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