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Figure 5.5 Increasing the Output
Black Level value to 200 shows us
a light gray background because
the background is growing more
Figure 5.6 The RGB results
of increase the opacity of the
background. The results look
terrible, particularly around semi-
transparent areas.
Black Level property. Using these two values, we can create a
mask in the shape of our layer (say, text for example), without
having to adhere to the rules of an alpha matte. In this example,
I'll increase the Output Black Level to its maximum value, and
reduce the Output White Level to its minimum value (Figs. 5.7
and 5.8).
I like using the Alpha Levels effect. I think the interface is sim-
ple, and once you understand the earlier tip about using black
and white, it is fairly easy to understand. However, you must
know that you can also achieve exactly the same results with the
standard luminance correction effect Levels. Simply apply the
Levels effect, and change the Channel value to Alpha. The Levels
effect also gives you the added bonus of a histogram, and a more
graphic interface (Fig. 5.9).
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