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Figure 5.3 Decreasing the Input
White Level value increases the
opacity of semi-transparent areas.
Here we see the edges of the fi re
become more white because they
are growing more opaque.
Figure 5.4 The RGB result of
decreasing the Input White Level.
Next, we come to the Gamma value, which essentially adjusts
the transparent values in the midtones. After that, we get to the
Output Black Level value. This parameter increases the opacity of
transparent areas. If I raise this value to 200, we can see the back-
ground gradually growing white (Figs. 5.5 and 5.6).
The fi nal property is the Output White Level value. This prop-
erty is simply like an opacity value for the opaque pixels in the
layer. Decreasing this value reduces the opacity of opaque areas.
At fi rst, this may seem like a meaningless parameter, especially in
the light of the Opacity value that every layer has. However, this
property becomes all the more exciting when combined with the
facility to make all transparent pixels opaque with the Output
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