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As with Bilateral Blur, we have a Radius value to determine the
amount of the blur. We also have the Threshold value that speci-
fi es what constitutes an edge. If I take the Threshold value up to
100, for example, I get a result that only vaguely resembles the
original buildings. And still, the edges of the logo are razor sharp
(Fig. 4.66 ).
One of the things that I don't quite get about this effect is the
Mode drop down. You can change it to Edge Only to create a
black image with white edges. I suppose that this could be useful
in analyzing how the Smart Blur is calculating the edges, based
on the Threshold value. The Overlay Edge Mode leaves the colors
intact but adds a white overlay of the edges (Figs. 4.67 and 4.68 ).
Figure 4.66 Increasing the
Threshold value to its maximum
value (100) allows Smart Blur to
blur more edges.
Figure 4.67 The results of using
the Edge Only Mode.
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