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Let's open up the Sharpen.aep project from the Chapter 4
folder of the exercise fi les. This comp contains a simple video clip
(Fig. 4.63 ).
This footage has a good amount of clarity, but we can enhance
it further with the Sharpen effect. Apply Sharpen to the Ventura
Fountain layer. Sharpening effects usually work their mojo by
detecting edges, and then lightening the light side and darkening
the dark side. But sharpening is like an addiction: you often get in
over your head before you even realize that you have a problem.
In Fig. 4.64, I took the Sharpen Amount value to 50. This is an
excessively high value that probably should not be used in most
cases. I used such a high value here so that you could see the
Figure 4.63 The Sharpen.aep
Figure 4.64 The result of
increasing the Sharpen Amount
value to 50. It's too much, folks.
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