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change the Type drop down from Spin to Zoom. This creates the
jump to warp speed look (Fig. 4.58).
I probably use Zoom far more often than Spin because I love
how Zoom makes things so much more intense. Zoom blur cre-
ates the illusion that things are fl ying toward you, which is great
in a variety of motion graphics settings. However, the default
Amount value is far too small for my taste when using zoom blur.
I'm going to increase this value to about 80 (Fig. 4.59).
I absolutely love what this zoom blur is trying to do. Hey, I'm
a nerd to the core. This effect brings out my inner Han Solo and
my inner Captain Kirk at the same time. But this effect is severely
limited by all of the ugly noise introduced when you crank up that
Figure 4.58 The Radial Blur
effect with the Type set to Zoom.
Figure 4.59 The result of taking
the amount of blur to 80.
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