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Figure 4.56 The Fractal Noise
texture after applying Radial Blur
at the default settings.
help smooth out a little of the nasty little bits of noise that we
often get with this effect.
Other than the blur type and the Antialiasing settings, there are
really only two parameters here: Amount (as in blur amount) and
Center. We haven't seen a Center value in any other blur effect.
This allows you to move the blur around. If you want to create a
quick sun effect, this would be ideal (Fig. 4.57).
Figure 4.57 Moving the Center
value of the effect changes where
the center of the blur occurs. Here
the Center is moved to the upper
left-hand corner.
Now let's look at zoom blur. Hit the Reset button at the top of
the Radial Blur effect in the Effect Controls panel to start over
again. Now change the Antialiasing back to High again, and
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