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Figure 4.51 The depth map I
painted in After Effects.
Figure 4.52 After changing
the Depth Map Layer to the
depth map we painted, we have
realistic lens blur.
The Lens Blur effect kept the areas sharp where we painted
black and blurred the bright areas. If you're looking for the oppo-
site results, you can check the Invert Depth Map value in the
Effect Controls panel. This will change the way that the map
is interpreted, making the bright areas crisp and the dark areas
blurry (Fig. 4.53 ).
These results look spectacular, but this isn't what we're looking
for here. This footage is not about grass or trees—it's about kids.
Won't someone please think about the children? The way that we
shift the focus through this image is by adjusting the Blur Focal
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