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The Fast Blur Effect
The Fast Blur effect is probably the blur effect that I turn to
most often. It renders incredibly fast (hence the name), and it is
a simple, predictable blur. As an added bonus, it also functions at
32 bits per channel.
I think (and hope) it's fairly apparent at this point in this chap-
ter what blur does. So, I want to show you how to set up High
Dynamic Range (HDR) text that can be blurred with the Fast Blur
Let's start by going to File>New>New Project. Then click the
Create a new composition button at the bottom of the Project
panel to create a new composition. Use the NTSC DV preset
and click OK. Next, press the finger-tangling keyboard short-
cut Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T(Win)/Cmd+Opt+Shift+T(Mac) to create a
new text layer and place the cursor in the center of the com-
position. Now type your name. With the text selected (high-
lighted), increase the size of your text in the Character panel.
Also in the Character panel, click the upper left swatch and
choose a white color for your text. White is created by using
the value 255 for the red, green, and blue channels. You can
use the font of your choice. When you've completed your
adjustments, accept your changes by selecting the Selection
tool in the toolbar or by pressing Enter on the numeric keypad
(Fig. 4.42 ).
Figure 4.42 My white text
thus far.
Next, apply the Fast Blur effect. As you can see, it's another sim-
ple effect. We can control the amount of blur with the Blurriness
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