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Figure 4.34 The Fractal Noise
comp layer in the lioness with
map comp.
Figure 4.35 Applying the Fractal
Noise comp as an animated blur
layer, with the Maximum Blur
value set to 100.
The Directional Blur Effect
Like the horizontal and vertical blurs we looked at earlier in
this chapter, the Directional Blur effect allows you to blur pixels at
an angle. The difference is that the Directional Blur effect allows
you to specify exactly which angle that is. This effect is similar to
the Motion Blur effect in Photoshop. This effect is usually used to
simulate or suggest motion.
Open the Directional Blur.aep project from the Chapter 4
folder of the exercise fi les. This project contains a comp with a
rocket image I created in 3DS Max (Fig. 4.36).
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