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Figure 4.30 The default results
of applying the Compound Blur
Figure 4.31 Using the blur map
layer as the Blur Layer in the
Compound Blur effect blurs the
face of the lioness, but does not
blur the background.
checkbox to change the rules. Now, the dark areas on the map
will correspond to burry areas on the lioness layer. Bright areas
will correspond to areas less affected by the blur (Fig. 4.32).
The results are getting close now that our map is setup prop-
erly. However, the default Maximum Blur value of 20 is just too
much blur in this case. So, let's complete this look by reducing the
Maximum Blur (blur amount) value to 7 (Fig. 4.33).
There is another layer in this comp that I want to try out as a
Blur Layer here. This is a fi ery grayscale pattern created with the
Fractal Noise effect (discussed in Chapter 11) (Fig. 4.34).
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