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Figure 4.28 The lioness image in
the lioness with map comp.
Figure 4.29 The blur map layer
that I painted in Photoshop.
values of a layer to work. By default, the effect uses the layer it
was applied to as a map to determine how to blur it (Fig. 4.30).
Change the Blur Layer value to the blur map layer. This will use
the luminance values of the blur map layer to control the areas
of the lioness layer that will have blur applied to them. Note that
layers used as controllers (i.e., in the Blur Layer drop down) do
not need to be visible to be used for the Blur Layer value. In this
case, making this Blur Layer value change gives us the opposite of
the results we were looking for. The face of the lioness is blurred,
and the background remains sharp (Fig. 4.31).
The good news is that most effects that use grayscale maps as
controllers have a fi x for problems like this. Click the Invert Blur
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