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Wow! What a difference in the two channels! The green channel
is mostly clean, and the blue channel is extremely noisy. We can
use the Channel Blur effect to smooth out the blue channel only,
which will result in a cleaner end composite. And as long as we're
at least fairly conservative in our channel blurring, the results in
the composite should still look sharp.
Apply the Channel Blur effect to the paavo balancing layer.
Take the Blue Blurriness to 2. This will clean up the ugliness in
this channel signifi cantly (Fig. 4.26 ).
At this point, you might be worried about the crispness of our
fi nal composite. After all, this was a pretty obvious blur. However,
Figure 4.25 The blue channel of
the paavo balancing layer. Yuck.
Figure 4.26 The blue channel
after being cleaned up by the
Channel Blur effect.
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