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the outer edges. In this example, the added transparency creates
a dark falloff effect that adds to the feel of the piece (Fig. 4.20).
I'm going to create a new solid behind the Bkgrd layer and
apply the Checkerboard effect (discussed in Chapter 9). Now it
might be easier to see the effects of the Alpha Blurriness param-
eter (Fig. 4.21 ).
Now that we've seen the Channel Blur in action for creative
purposes, let's turn our attention to using the Channel Blur effect
for a more practical purpose. Switch over to the Paavo balancing
comp. This comp contains some green screen footage that has
been severely compressed (Fig. 4.22 ).
Figure 4.21 After creating a
textured background, the results
of the Alpha Blurriness property
are more clearly visible.
Figure 4.22 The footage in the
paavo balancing comp.
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