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control over the precise direction of the blur, use the Directional
Blur effect.
The nature of the Box Blur effect creates the most unique
results when isolating the blur to a specifi c dimension. In Fig.
4.15, I took the Blur Radius value to 30, left the default Iterations
value at 1, and changed the Blur Dimensions drop down to
Horizontal. This only creates blur along the X-axis (left and right).
If we changed the Blur Dimensions value to Vertical, the blur
would be along the Y-axis (up and down). Again, notice the way
that the Box Blur effect makes a boxy blur. This causes the edges
of the star to overlap, creating new geometric patterns. You could
Figure 4.14 The results of
applying the Fast Blur effect with
the Blurriness value at 25.
Figure 4.15 The results of
changing the Blur Dimensions
value to Horizontal.
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