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Synthetic Aperture's Color Finesse
Color Finesse (in the Synthetic Aperture category) is a color
correction powerhouse. Be aware that this effect has its own
serial number (which should have been included with your After
Effects serial number).
After applying the effect, you'll see a button in the Effect
Controls panel that says Full Interface. Click that to open the real
Color Finesse effect. As you can see, this is a color adjustment
juggernaut, complete with scopes and all manner of color tools
(Fig. 24.4 ).
Figure 24.4 The full interface of Color Finesse.
Other Third-Party Effects
What if you want to go even further? Well, in that case, there
are loads of After Effects plug-in companies that would love to
take your money. I've tried most After Effects plug-ins out there,
and I'll share with you some of my favorites.
Trapcode Plug-ins
I have a love/hate relationship with Trapcode. They produce
my favorite third-party effects by far. So, as a somewhat successful
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