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The Cycore Effects Collection
The Cycore Effects are a large bundle of effects included with
After Effects. The Cycore collection adds about 60 new effects to
After Effects, with some new effects in almost every effect category.
To see if you have them installed, type “cc” in the search fi eld
in the Effects & Presets panel. The only effects in After Effects that
match search criteria are the Cycore effects because they all begin
with the prefi x CC (as in CC Toner, CC Bender, CC Snow, and so on).
The Cycore effects (in general) are simpler versions of what
you can do with the native effects. For example, we can create
much more advanced snow with the Foam effect (discussed in
Chapter 16). But it will take a much longer time to set up and to
render than the CC Snow effect, which applies an instant snow
effect (Fig. 24.1 ) .
Figure 24.1 The CC Snow effect,
applied to one of the Artbeats
clips. The default settings are
The CC Radial Fast Blur renders much more quickly and
smoothly than does After Effects' native Radial Blur effect. The CC
Pixel Polly effect explodes a layer with far fewer parameters than
does the native Shatter effect. The CC Bubbles effect is a much
simpler and less powerful version of the native Foam effect.
But perhaps the greatest of all Cycore effect contributions is
what is added to the particle effects. The CC Particle World effect,
for example, is a fast rendering particle emitting system that
works in 3D (Fig. 24.2).
Another helpful Cycore effect is CC Mr. Mercury, which gen-
erates somewhat believable fl owing water (or other goo). In
Fig. 24.3, I applied the CC Mr. Mercury effect to the same foot-
age seen in Fig. 24.1. You can see the city texture and colors in the
results, which appears to create some impressive refl ections.
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