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Naturally, after having such a great experience digging into
native effects in After Effects and using them creatively, you
might be curious as to what other effects are out there. I thought
that I would take just a few words to whet your whistle about the
third-party effects that are included with the current version of
After Effects, as well as some other great effects companies out
there. Just make sure that you're temperate in your third-party
effects purchases. Often, when After Effects is upgraded, plug-
ins won't work with the new version. I recently purchased a suite
of plug-ins after being told by the company that they would be
supported in After Effects CS4. Months later, their plug-ins still
do not work, and I've wasted my money. I've learned my lesson—
it's usually best to purchase third-party plug-ins when they're
needed for a particular job.
The Included Third-Party Effects
Every version of After Effects for the last several years has
included a group of free plug-ins from third-party vendors (the
term “third-party” just means another company besides Adobe).
These change from version to version, which is one of the rea-
sons that we've decided not to include detailed coverage of
these effects in this topic, as we've done with the other effects.
Still, many users are left scratching their heads what these extra
effects do. While others don't even install them in the fi rst place,
not realizing that these are full and complete retail versions of
effects, not trials or demos. If it makes you feel any better about
your purchase of After Effects, these third-party effects alone are
worth thousands of dollars, which is signifi cantly more than you
paid for your copy of After Effects. So, you might have to go back
to the original software disc to make sure that you've installed all
the included goodies.
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