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Actually, this will not necessarily launch Photoshop per se, but
it will launch whatever program your operating system has asso-
ciated with Photoshop fi les. If you have Adobe Bridge (the Mac's
Preview application, or the QuickTime Player, etc.) associated
with PSD fi les, then that's what gets launched. Change your oper-
ating system preferences for PSD fi les if you want After Effects'
Edit Original command to open Photoshop.
Reloading Maps Edited Externally
Instead of launching Photoshop from After Effects, you may
make adjustments in Photoshop without using the Edit Original
command. In that case, you may be frustrated to fi nd that your
changes in Photoshop are not refl ected in After Effects. Don't
worry about this, seriously. You don't need to reimport your foot-
age and start your work on that fi le over from scratch.
After Effects has a built-in feature to access the current version
of an imported fi le, and use that version instead of the one that
After Effects is using. This also works for any type of imported
footage, not just Photoshop documents. To reload a piece of foot-
age, you must fi rst fi nd the original footage in the Project panel.
As with the Edit Original command, you must fi nd the actual
footage and not a composition or a folder. Once you've found
it, right click on it and choose Reload Footage. This will force
After Effects to access the fi le again, and update the fi le with any
changes that have been made to it.
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