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Figure 4.12 The not intimidated
Figure 4.13 I took the Blur
Radius value to 25 here. I've
zoomed in so you can more clearly
see the details.
Box Blur effect). I'm also going to take the Blurriness value to 25.
Notice that the halo created by the Box Blur effect is much more
pronounced. The Fast Blur effect smoothes out the blur results
more. There isn't a right or wrong way to blur, just different meth-
ods that you might prefer in different circumstances (Fig. 4.14).
Horizontal and Vertical Blur
Many blur effects in After Effects have a Blur Dimensions drop
down that allows you to create only horizontal or only vertical
blur. This creates the illusion that the object is moving left and
right (horizontal) or up and down (vertical). If you want more
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