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the Pre-compose dialog box. Note that you can also “bake” After
Effects elements in a layer to use its effects as a map by rendering
and reimporting it (Fig. 23.1).
Once precomposed, the results of effects (such as Fractal Noise)
can be used as maps by other effects (such as Displacement Map).
In Fig. 23.2, I've created a solid layer with Fractal Noise applied
with the default settings, and then precomposed it. I then applied
Displacement Map to the precomposed Fractal Noise. By default,
the Displacement Map effect uses the layer it is applied to as the
Displacement Map Layer. I changed both the Use For Horizontal
Figure 23.1 The Pre-compose
dialog box.
Figure 23.2 Precomposing
the Fractal Noise effect allows
us to use it as a displacement
map layer in the Displacement
Map effect. Kinda looks like
mountainous terrain.
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