Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
I've created a couple formulas to help you get started, or in case
you ever encounter a mental block and need some inspiration.
Some Sample Formulas
To create artistic textures from scratch, try starting with an
effect from the Generate category or by using any other effect that
creates a pattern from scratch, such as Fractal Noise or Turbulent
Noise (Fig. 22.1 ) .
Figure 22.1 Start the formula
with a texture created from
scratch with effects. In this case,
I used the Lens Flare effect.
Next, apply an effect either from the Distort, Blur, or Stylize
category or some from each (Fig. 22.2).
Figure 22.2 The Lens Flare, after
distorted with the Twirl effect
from the Distort category.
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