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Next, let's see what the Box Blur effect looks like on an image.
Hop on over to the not intimidated comp, which contains a photo
of my daughter going toe to toe with a llama. She really has no
fear of animals, even ones 10 times her size (Fig. 4.12).
Apply the Box Blur effect to this layer. The boxy results of the
effect are much more diffi cult to see when applied to actual foot-
age. But the Box Blur effect does create a signature halo around
objects. This could be great for creating a dazed and confused
POV (Point of View) shot (Fig. 4.13 ).
Just by way of comparison, I'm going to apply the Fast Blur
effect to this layer (making sure to turn off the visibility of the
Figure 4.10 Taking the Blur
Radius value to 50 allows you to
see the boxy results of the blur.
Figure 4.11 The result of taking
the Iterations to 3.
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