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Figure 21.4 After using Grow
Bounds before Wave Warp, the
layer is allowed to distort beyond
the boundaries of the layer.
The HDR Compander Effect
The purpose of the HDR Compander effect is to allow you to
use 8-bit effects in a 32-bit project. The HDR Compander effect
sounds technical, but it's actually quite helpful and easy to under-
stand. The word compander, created in the 1930s, is an amalgam
of two words: compressor and expander. To understand why this
effect is important, let's fi rst look at life without it.
Figure 21.5 shows the HDR.aep project from the Chapter 21
folder of the exercise fi les. This is a 32-bit project, and the letters
Figure 21.5 The HDR.aep
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