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Figure 20.24 The Linear Wipe
effect with the Transition
Completion property at 40%,
Wipe Angle at 94 degrees, and a
Feather value of 20.
Figure 20.25 Using the same
settings as Fig. 20.24, but with
the layers in the Video comp.
father pacing in a hospital waiting room, waiting to hear about
the birth of his child; you might show different shots of him pac-
ing, separated by a radial wipe. This would give the illusion that
he had been waiting for a very long time. This effect can also be
used to replicate the motion of a radar scan.
Again using the Transitions.aep project, apply the Radial Wipe
effect to the magenta solid in the Basic comp. Figures 20.26
and 20.27 demonstrate the purpose of the effect, with only the
Transition Completion value altered (Fig. 20.28 ).
You can change the Start Angle value, which is the equivalent
of an offset value. You can move the center of the wipe with the
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