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Sometimes, with “unusual” blur effects such as Bilateral Blur
and Smart Blur, it is helpful to compare the results to those
of other blur effects. First, let's take a look at this same image
blurred with the Fast Blur effect. Take particular notice of what is
happening to the edges. Blur effects like Fast Blur universally blur
every pixel the same amount, so the edge details are immediately
lost (Fig. 4.7 ).
Figure 4.7 The same image
blurred with the Fast Blur effect,
with a Blurriness value of 7.
Finally, let's look at this same example blurred by the Smart
Blur effect, which is closely related to the Bilateral Blur effect.
Notice how the results seem more stylized and artifi cial than
what we've seen with the Bilateral Blur effect (Fig. 4.8).
Figure 4.8 The same image
blurred with the Smart Blur effect.
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