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Figure 20.18 The Rad Rockets.
mov layer.
called Rad This is a render from a 3D program and
also contains movement (Fig. 20.18 ).
One of the ways we can create very unique results with the
Gradient Wipe effect is using video as the gradient layer! In this
case, we need not have to animate Transition Completion to get
movement in the magenta and green solid layers. The move-
ment in the gradient layer can create the motion for us because
the Gradient Wipe effect is constantly updating, based on the
changes in the gradient layer. The Gradient Wipe effect is like
Card Wipe, in that it can do far more than just create a transition
from one layer to another (Fig. 20.19).
Figure 20.19 The Gradient Wipe
effect, using the Rad Rockets
movie as the gradient layer. Here,
the Transition Completion property
is at 30%, the Transition Softness
value is at 50%. Try previewing
this comp without animating
Transition Completion.
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