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Figure 20.16 The gradient on the
Ramp layer. We'll be using this to
control the transition.
Next, apply the Gradient Wipe effect to the magenta solid. In
the Gradient Layer drop down, choose the Ramp layer. The lumi-
nance (brightness) values of the Ramp layer will now determine
how the magenta solid layer transits to the layers beneath it.
Darker values are removed fi rst. Figure 20.17 shows the transition
at about 30% complete. You can soften the hard edge seen here
by increasing the Transition Softness value.
Figure 20.17 With the Transition
Completion parameter at 30%,
you can see how the Gradient
Wipe effect is removing the pixels
on the magenta solid based on
the brightness values of the Ramp
layer, seen in Fig. 20.12.
Now, this was just a simple example to get the gist of what this
effect is doing. Now let's push the envelope here a little bit. At the
bottom of the layer stack in the Timeline panel, you'll fi nd a layer
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