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Figure 20.11 After increasing
jitter amount values, these cards
go all over the place.
few versions of the project start points, in case you felt like doing
more (or less) work on your own.
This project takes advantage of the ability that Card Wipe effect
gives you to adjust the size of your cards. What I did fi rst is to start
out in Photoshop, creating a large PSD fi le that has 36 photos of
animals that my wife and I have taken, divided up into a 6 × 6
grid. Note that this fi le was imported as Merged Footage, and so
all these images exist on one fl at layer (Fig. 20.12 ).
Figure 20.12 The Photos.psd fi le
in the Card Wipe.aep project.
Now, if we were to have all these 36 images as separate fi les,
it would be extremely annoying to position them in 3D space
and animate them individually. Using the Card Wipe effect,
we can make these squares separated, automatically animate
these squares, and control all of them from one simple interface
(the Effect Controls panel).
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