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edges. For a more blurry image, increase the Threshold value.
To keep the images on small details, lower the Threshold value.
Using a lowered Radius value of 10 (which localizes the blur) and
a lowered Threshold value of 10 (which preserves fi ne details), we
get a cartoon-like stylized effect. I actually prefer these results to
many of the results from the actual Cartoon effect (Fig. 4.5).
As we're seeing, the Bilateral Blur effect has more looks than
Derek Zoolander. We've previously covered the Radius property,
which can blur the colors of layers while keeping edges intact. We
get an edgy desaturated look when we set the Threshold value at
15, and take the Radius value to a ridiculously high value of 2000.
Who would've thought that we could create more intensity with a
blur effect? (Fig. 4.6 )
Figure 4.5 The image with
a Radius value of 10 and a
Threshold value of 10. The boat
looks especially cartoonish.
Figure 4.6 The result of setting
Radius to 2000 and Threshold
to 15.
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