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Figure 20.6 Using the same
settings as Fig. 20.5, but with
85% Transition Completion.
Figure 20.7 Using the same
settings as Fig. 20.6, but with the
layers in the Video comp.
The original purpose of this effect is to reenact those times
in major sporting events when large groups of people all hold
up signs for a company and then fl ip them over. As if you could
ever get a rowdy crowd at a sporting event to ignore the sport-
ing event to praise their cell phone service provider. Hence, this
effect was created to simulate the cards that those people would
have held up and fl ipped over. But it's even more common to use
this effect to create a 3D postcard effect, as we'll see later in this
First let's open up the Card Wipe.aep project from the
Chapter 20 folder. There is a comp here called Simple Card Wipe,
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