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Figure 20.4 Using the same
settings as those in the previous
fi gure on the Seattle layer in the
Video comp. Notice that you can
see the most prominent features
of both clips. Cool.
Figure 20.5 By deselecting the
Soft Edges option, the blocks
created by this effect get hard
edges. Here, my settings are 10%
for Transition Completion, 5 for
Block Width, and 500 for Block
The Card Wipe Effect
Card Wipe is by far the most powerful of the transition effects,
and really stands in a class all its own. Similar to the slightly
more powerful Card Dance effect, we looked at in the Simulation
effects category; Card Wipe breaks up a layer into a group of
cards. Although Card Dance effect gives you more control with
the use of maps, Card Wipe still allows you to control card move-
ment in 3D space, randomize the motion, control when they fl ip
over, control what the image is on the backside of the cards, and
much more.
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