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Figure 20.2 The Artbeats clip of
children running. This clip will be
on bottom and will show through
the transparent holes in the
Seattle clip.
few settings, but they can create a variety of looks. We can proba-
bly categorize them into two groups: settings that control the size
of the blocks, and settings that control the softness of the edges
of the blocks.
If we adjust width and height independently, we can create
fractal/turbulent noise-type transitions (Figs. 20.3 and 20.4 ).
Figure 20.3 With the Transition
Completion halfway complete,
I took the Block Width value
to 100, Block Height to 5, and
Feather to 10 to create this Fractal
Noise looking transition.
If you want to produce hard edged blocks with this effect, you'll
need to deselect the Soft Edges option. By so doing, you can cre-
ate fractal bars and other interesting patterns. This could also be
good if you're looking for a venetian blinds effect, but don't like
the uniform look created by the included Venetian Blinds effect
(Figs. 20.5, 20.6, and 20.7 ).
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